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Mons Royale is a Merino underwear and first layer producer based out of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.  Wanaka is a great little resort town near the bottom of the world and this where Mons Royale design, develop and test their products that they then peddle in all major winter hot spots around globe.  In late 2010 Mons Royale approached Prospace initially to design a retail display fixture to showcase their products instore.  Shortly after beginning this project the Mons Royale team learnt of our broad product design skills and global sourcing capability and we were also engaged to also assist in the design of new product packaging and sourcing for their new range of print and marketing materials.

Working on the fixture design in conjunction to the packaging development allowed us total control of the outcome of all these items and ultimately provided a completely integrated solution as both items were considered together.  It was essential to create a design language that reflected Mons Royale values, so high quality materials were a must!  The various size garments required different size packaging and we soon settled on an arrangement of three sizes that shared the same length but width and height were either half or quarter division of the largest packaging volume.  This tall rectangular prism also became the base form of the display unit, working from this module drove the finished size of the 2pac joinery carcass that would house the packaged product.  In addition to the product stored in the carcass, removable stainless steel hardware provides for hanging garments at either end of the display.

After settling on the design of the floor display unit we built two prototypes in our Wanganui factory, this way we could be sure that everything was exactly as we wanted prior to the main production run at our Chinese factory.  These two sample units were then shipped to Mons Royale HQ in Wanaka for their team to test run in actual retail environments.  Prototypes of the packaging were produced in china and these samples shipped to both our client and the design team to ensure that the functionality, materials and design intent were 100% correct and the finish quality was approved for the production run.  When producing high volume orders out of China it is critical to actually see the product before it ships, this is where Prospaces Quality Assurance service is invaluable, by actually having people on the ground in China checking all product provides piece of mind that there will be no surprises. 

Global Sourcing and Logistics 
Once all the product was received from the various Chinese suppliers, it was checked and assembled in our Xiamen warehouse and split into 9 separate consignments.  8 of these were shipped off destined for distributors in France, USA, Benelux, Canada, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom , Germany and Austria and a further consignment of packaging, swing tags and stickers were readied and sent to meet the factory where garment production was underway.

“Prospace were able to source everything we needed.  They’ve got some good scale – we were pretty impressed with their work and impressed that they’re based in New Zealand.” Hamish Acland - Head Honcho - Mons Royale

Prospace helping to take Mons Royale to the world!

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