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As a major directional change for Element, moving forward from the look and feel that Prospace had developed for roll out throughout the Asia Pacific region, the Burleigh store was to set a new stage.

The brief from the client was simple, deliver a retail environment that is fresh, embraces Elements core brand values and is deliverable on budget.  Secondly it needed to seamlessly integrate with the façade work that was being undertaken by Hassell Architects Brisbane.

Working within an existing building envelope and trying to minimize the internal intervention, the design needed to adapt to and reuse as many existing features as possible while giving the space new life.

The interior design needed the wider support of the brand and company, so extensive concept development and documentation was undertaken prior to the actual store detail was started.  This helped the management teams really understand the feelings that Prospace was trying to evoke in the space.

Honest and tactile materials, recycled Australian timbers and the selective use of found objects, start to bring this concept together.  Handwritten signage, live soaring bamboo and fixtures that feel as though they hadn’t been constructed rather stacked or placed in the shop without any design intervention, complete the aesthetic.

This new format for Element has been rolled out to numerous locations with amazing effect and commercial success.  

Element Collective Shoe Wall

Within the store, both fashion and skateboarding are equally important and it was imperative to accommodate both with equal presence.  It was important to create a couple of focus or feature areas, one of which was the skate area.  Located half way along the left hand wall, it allows the board’s graphics to be shown off against a neutral background and with a work table in front that allows the customization of boards, wheels and trux, it offers up, without compromise, the total package for skaters.

But perhaps the strongest feature in the store is the shoe wall; it’s located in the centre of the space between the skate and the denim area.  Its form echo’s the shape of the skate park bowl or half pipe.  It uses timber sticks of varying length that seem to have been thrown together to form a dynamic sculptural form that seems to oscillate with movement.  It functions both as a divider, shoe display and to draw customers to the centre and rear of the store from the double height entry space.

With a makeover to the existing façade and landscaping that has been designed and built as its own skate park by Hassel Architects together with an injection of understated style to the interior by Prospace, the new Gold Coast Element Collective is a real asset and destination for those wanting a relaxed, cool retail and skating experience.

Prospace were awarded a Best Awards Gold Pin for the interior design, see more at: http://bestawards.co.nz/entries/spatial/element-collective/

The Element Collective Project was awarded both a Gold Award at the 'Best Awards" and the International Category Award at the Red Awards 2011.  Due recognition for Prospace and the design team.

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